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© The Estate of Mary Fedden. All rights reserved 2011/Bridgeman Art Library. Purchased, 1980. Museums Sheffield
Red Still Life
Date Made/Found: 1977
Artist: Mary Fedden , British, 1915-2012
Material and Medium: oil on board
Dimensions: Sight size: 475 x 730mm Overall: 572 x 826 x 37mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.5427
Mary Fedden’s still life paintings typically use a flattened perspective. There is virtually no depth to the red background or shadows on the objects giving the impression they are hovering in the air. Fedden was influenced by the Post-Impressionist paintings of Henri Matisse who had been influenced by Japanese art compositions that flattened space in a similar way. The lettering in the painting, ‘Hopjes’ refers to a type of Dutch caramel sweet which Fedden may have seen during her trips to the Netherlands where her husband’s family lived.
Display Location: In Store
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