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© the artist. Purchased, 1974. Museums Sheffield
Still Life 1963
Date Made/Found: 1963
Artist: David Hepher , British, born 1935
Vendor: David Hepher , British, born 1935
Material and Medium: oil on panel/board
Dimensions: Sight size: 1350 x 1315mm Overall: 1131 x 1094 x 22mm (44 1/2 x 43 1/16 x 7/8in.)
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.4120
David Hepher started making large-scale still lifes in the early 1960s which incorporated found urban materials. As Edward Lucie-Smith explains in an exhibition catalogue that featured Hepher’s Still Life: “One reason for abandoning landscape, as a subject matter, in favour of still life, was that still life provided a greater degree of discipline. The eye and the mind were forced to focus, very precisely, on the identity of what was in front of them. He purposely put himself in a position where he was trying to paint complicated and conflicting imagery; setting this up when he assembled the still-life elements, in reaction against what were, for him, the too facile simplifications of Bomberg and other expressionists.”
Display Location: In Store
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