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© Derrick Greaves, courtesy of James Hyman Gallery, London. Purchased, 1972. Museums Sheffield
Flower and Collage
Date Made/Found: about 1968
Artist: Derrick Greaves , British, born 1927
Material and Medium: acrylic & collage on canvas on panel
Dimensions: Sight size: 1200 x 1200mm Overall: 1398 x 1397 x 45mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.3847
After the 1960s, Derrick Greaves made several ‘flower’ works which mark a turn away from his earlier ‘Kitchen Sink’ paintings of the 1950s. These works use a simpler vocabulary of popular domestic images and techniques such as collage that aligns his work to the growing 1960s British pop art movement which appealed to the mass population. In 1959, the artist said he was “feeling a desire to lessen the gap that exists between audience and painting.” Flowers and Collage shows this new simpler artistic direction. The work is offset by a scrap of newspaper headline declaring, “Americans bomb in error another Friendly Village” in reference to the Vietnam War. By adding a ‘scrap’ of politics and its shadow to an otherwise innocent subject, Greaves emphasises the multi-faceted layers of reality.
Display Location: In Store
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