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Graves Gift, 1935. Museums Sheffield
Artist: Attributed to Theodore Rousseau , French, 1812 - 1867
Material and Medium: oil on panel
Dimensions: Overall: 341 x 458 x 80mm Sight size: 150 x 269mm
Department: Visual Art
Accession Number: VIS.30
Theodore Rousseau was an eminent member of the 19th century French Barbizon School of painting. The Barbizon artists paid great attention to nature and placed landscape at the heart of their works. This forest landscape, evenly divided between dark trees and cloudy sky, is typical of the Barbizon school in regards to the dramatic and melancholic lighting effects. Rousseau was known to be quite indecisive about when his paintings were truly complete and would spend varying amounts of time on different sections of a piece. This picture provides an example of this indecision, with some elements appearing possibly unfinished or rendered in sketchier, less precise brushstrokes.
Display Location: In Store
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