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Date Made/Found: around 1915
Maker: Sydney Wilkinson , 1871-1946
Material and Medium: brass, enamel
Dimensions: Overall: 275mm (10 13/16in.)
Department: Decorative Art
Accession Number: 1980.869
In 1964 Joseph Beeston Himsworth described Sidney Wilkinson (or "Wilkey") as a "craftsman, teacher and free-lance designer, S.W. claimed with some justification, to be master of 25 different crafts… Designing, modelling and engraving were his chief subjects his chasing was also exceptional in quality, well thought out and definite in form". The brooch is made of enamel mounted on brass. It features the portrait of a young woman. This is probably Wilkinson's wife, Queenie, whose name is engraved on the reverse. Enamel is a beautiful glass-like material. It is often used for the decoration of metalwork, particularly small items like jewellery or snuff boxes. There are several different enamelling techniques that can be to decorate metalwork objects. This brooch is probably made using painted enamel. The underlying brass would have first been coated with a layer of white enamel and fired. The different colours making up the design would be painted onto the brooch one at a time and the object re-fired after each application.
Display Location: AH2

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