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Collection of the Guild of St George, Museums Sheffield
Illustrations to Thornton's 'Pastorals of Virgil', 'Sabrina's Silvery Flood'
Date Made/Found: 1820-1821
Artist: William Blake , British, 1757 - 1827
Printmaker: William Blake , British, 1757 - 1827
Material and Medium: wood engraving on paper
Dimensions: Frame: 544 x 453mm Overall: 28 x 70mm
Department: Ruskin
Accession Number: CGSG00210
'Thornton's Virgil', properly called 'The Pastorals of Virgil; with a course of English Reading, adapted for schools', was edited by Dr Robert John Thornton (1768-1837) and contained stories written in imitation of the Roman poet, Virgil. This woodcut is from a series commissioned to illustrate one by Ambrose Philips (1674-1749) entitled 'Imitation of Virgil's First Eclogue.' It tells the tale of two shepherds, Thenot and Colinet. The young Colinet, dissatisfied with his life, argues with the elderly but contented Thenot, and sets off to see more of England. He travels through many storms and is ridiculed by people in the cities he visits. Colinet and Thenot later find each other again, and Thenot, taking pity on Colinet, invites him home to share in the happiness of the world around him. This woodcut depicts a scene described in the text by Colinet: 'Unhappy hour! when fresh in youthful bud/ I left, Sabrina fair, thy silvery flood.'
Display Location: Millennium Gallery

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