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Collection of the Guild of St George, Museums Sheffield
Coastal Scene, Italy
Date Made/Found: 1841
Artist: John Ruskin , British, 1819 - 1900
Material and Medium: watercolour on paper
Dimensions: Mount: 380 x 474mm Overall: 368 x 466mm Support: 226 x 335mm
Department: Ruskin
Accession Number: CGSG00034
Ruskin made this drawing when his artistic tastes were still developing. At this time he often imitated either his drawing masters, or the artists his father admired such as Samuel Prout and David Roberts. While Ruskin was dismissive of his early drawing skills he did think his pictures were of ‘historical interest in their accuracy of representation.’ The city shown here isn’t positively identified. One title, 'Palermo' comes from the shape of the mountain to the picture’s right. However Ruskin didn’t stay at Sicily during his 1840-41 tour. The view fits better his visit to Genoa as described in 'Praeterita', Ruskin’s autobiography: 'I… went into the confused frontage of the city …and drew the crescent of houses round the harbour, borne on their ancient arches.' In addition, Ruskin mentioned in his diary the blue, stormy clouds that hovered over the mountains on Genoa's coastline. Yet although these descriptions seem to describe the scene here, the landscape and some architectural features don’t wholly fit either.
Display Location: In Store
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