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Collection of the Guild of St George, Museums Sheffield
Mineral and Plaster Cast Gallery, Ruskin Museum, Meersbrook Park, Sheffield, Yorkshire
Date Made/Found: 1890-1896
Printmaker: Unknown
Material and Medium: photograph
Dimensions: Support: 157 x 211mm
Department: Ruskin
Accession Number: CGSG04549
The Collection of the Guild of St George was moved to Meersbrook Park House in 1890, and renamed the Ruskin Museum. Ruskin’s original museum in Walkley was found to be too small for the collection and felt to be too difficult to get to. In addition, Ruskin’s chosen curator, Henry Swan had recently died. Whilst Ruskin insisted that the council should not own the collection itself, the display and maintenance of the collection became linked to the council from this date. William White, the first curator at Meerbrook was devoted to the ideas of Ruskin but nevertheless split the collection up into different rooms including a Gallery or Picture Room, Print Room, Turner Room, and Mineral and Cast Room. Ruskin intended all elements of the collection to be seen together and he refused to have anything to do with White or the Museum again. The museum closed in 1953 as interest in Ruskin had declined and the museum became too costly to run.
Display Location: Millennium Gallery

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