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Collection of the Guild of St George, Museums Sheffield
The Madonna and Child with Saints and a Donor, after Veronese
Date Made/Found: 1886-1887
Artist: Frank Randal , British, 1852 - 1917
Artist: after Paolo Veronese , Italian, 1528 - 1588
Material and Medium: watercolour and bodycolour on paper
Dimensions: Mount: 550 x 570mm Sight size: 368 x 381mm
Department: Ruskin
Accession Number: CGSG00706
This painting was copied by Randal in the Louvre museum in Paris, although originally it was commissioned by the Benedictine monastery San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice. The kneeling donor figure is possibly the Abbot, Girolamo Scrocchetto. Ruskin visited the Louvre in 1849 and in his diary recorded the impact Veronese's work had on him: ‘I saw at once the whole life of the man - his religion, his conception of humanity, his reach of conscience, of moral feeling, his kingly imaginative power; his physical gifts, his keenness of eye, his sense of colour, his enjoyment of all that was glorious in nature’ More importantly in Ruskin's life, it was Veronese's painting that helped inspire his 'un-conversion' from Evangelical Protestantism in 1858. He felt that someone who displayed such talent and grandeur in opulent religious paintings could only have a God-given gift, and this was in opposition to the puritanical views preached in Evangelical churches.
Display Location: Millennium Gallery

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