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Core rejuvination flakes, retouched flakes, microliths and microburins from Unstone.
Cores, awls, denticulated flakes and scrapers from Unstone.
Microlith, Scraper, Core, Waste flake, Utilised flake, Microburin
Date Made/Found: Around 6000 BC
Material and Medium: Flint
Place Object Found: Unstone
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: 1995.259.2
These are just some of the hundreds of flints found during excavations of a Mesolithic site at Unstone in North East Derbyshire. The people who visited Unstone during the Mesolithic were flint workers who were making and repairing tools here. They probably visited the site several times and may have camped there seasonally.

Excavations in 1977 and 1978 produced a lot of flint. Many different types of finished tools and tool making waste were found. Several sites were identified along the side of a river valley. The most important was Site 1. Here evidence of structures was found. This consisted of hollows, stake holes and several possible hearths.
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