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Retouched flakes from Deepcar.
Retouched flake
Date Made/Found: Around 6000 BC
Material and Medium: Flint
Dimensions: Lengths 33-56mm, widths 16-23mm
Place Object Found: Deepcar
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: 1995.128.6
These four retouched flakes were amongst many thousands of flints found at a Mesolithic camp at Deepcar.

Pieces of flint struck from a core are called flakes. They are the first stage in the making of a tool. Flakes are retouched, or worked further, to make particular tools. These flakes have retouch along their edges and may have been used for cutting. The flakes are all long and thin in shape. Flakes like this are called blades. Making blades is a very skilled job.

These flakes are made of grey flint from the Yorkshire Wolds. Most of the flint found at Deepcar was from here. The Mesolithic hunters may have got the flint by trading with people living in the Yorkshire Wolds. There is no flint occurring naturally in Derbyshire. Black cherts from Derbyshire were used for making tools. A small amount of this was found at Deepcar.
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