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Date Made/Found: 664-332 BC
Material and Medium: Copper alloy
Dimensions: Statuette dimensions: height 162mm width 34mm, depth 52mm Dimensions with modern plinth: height 195mm, width 48mm, depth 76mm
Place Object Found: Egypt
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: J1939.57
This is a statuette of the ancient Egyptian goddess Neith. It was made between 664 BC and 332 BC and attached to a stone plinth in modern times.

Ancient Egyptian clothing was usually simple and the basic styles did not change much over the centuries. Women generally wore a sleeveless dress down to their ankles. Men wore a kilt which usually came to just above the knee. Young children often did not wear clothes due to Egypt’s hot climate. People also had cloaks and blankets to wear during colder weather or at night, although these are rarely shown in ancient Egyptian art.

The goddess is shown wearing a tight-fitting dress. Women wore looser fitting clothing in real life than was depicted in art. It would have been hard to walk in a dress like this!
Display Location: Weston Park Museum

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