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Core rejuvenation flakes from Deepcar.
Core rejuvenation flake
Date Made/Found: Around 6000 BC
Material and Medium: Flint
Dimensions: Lengths 30-73mm, widths 7-24mm
Place Object Found: Deepcar
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: 1995.128.8
These five core rejuvenation flakes were amongst the many thousands of flints found at a Mesolithic hunting camp at Deepcar.

A core is the starting point for making flint tools. Pieces of flint called blades are struck off the core. Cores for making blades were specially prepared. A flat surface called a striking platform was needed to strike blades from the core. The same core can be used many times by creating new striking platforms. This is done by removing a core rejuvenation flake. This leaves a fresh surface on the core from which more blades can be struck off.

This reuse of cores shows that the hunters at Deepcar were making as many tools as possible from each core. This is probably because flint was difficult to get hold off. The grey flint used at Deepcar comes from the Yorkshire Wolds. The supply would be limited and they needed to make the most of what they had.
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