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Accessory vessel
Date Made/Found: 2500-900 BC
Previous owner: Thomas Bateman , British, 1821 - 1861
Vendor: Thomas William Bateman , 1852 - 1895
Material and Medium: Pottery
Dimensions: Height 35mm, maximum diameter 85mm.
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: J93.884
Small pottery cups are often found buried in Bronze Age graves alongside other pots. They are sometimes called accessory vessels. Archaeologists are not sure what the function of these tiny pots was.

Pots were made on a household scale and vary greatly in size, shape and decoration. Bronze Age potters liked to decorate their creations. The pots were fired in bonfires which allowed lots of air to circulate. The oxygen in the air gave some of the pots their distinctive red colour.
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