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Vessel, Oinochoe
Material and Medium: Ceramic
Dimensions: Height 210mm; diameter 145mm
Place Object Found: Cyprus
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: 1961.10
This wine jug was found in Cyprus. It was collected by Reverend Roosmalin in the 1800s. It was likely found in a tomb and may have been used for religious ceremonies.

Cypriots worshipped a variety of gods. At religious sanctuaries, people set up statues that they believed would carry on the worship after the devotees had left. Wealthy people set up large statues while the majority placed smaller statues. Communities buried their dead in tombs cut into the bedrock as well as in pit graves. From about 2500 BC, the start of the Bronze Age, people began putting large amounts of objects in the graves, such as food, jewellery and weapons.
Display Location: In Store
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