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Associated objects
Date Made/Found: 1700-1855
Material and Medium: Copper Alloy
Dimensions: 11mm x 1.5mm, 31mm x 1.5mm, 49mm x 3mm
Place Object Found: Sheffield
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: 2005.108.2.6267
Sheffield Cathedral was used for burials from the 1500s to 1855. In recent years changes to the Cathedral buildings have meant archaeological investigations have taken place in the graveyard. The 2005 and 2006 excavations found a number of human remains that would be impacted by the foundations of a new building. The human remains were studied to help understand life at the time. The remains were then reburied.

During the excavation these fourteen shroud pins were found in a grave associated with five bone buttons, 60 light blue glass beads and one pink glass bead. In the grave there were three burials, an adult female, an older child and an infant. The older child and the adult female were buried in separate coffins but close to one another, perhaps indicating a family relationship. The shroud pins and buttons show that the body was both dressed and in a shroud when buried.
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