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Pseudo mummy
Date Made/Found: 664-332 BC
Collector: Collected by Reverend Greville John Chester , British, 1830 - 1892
Donor: Presented by Reverend Greville John Chester , British, 1830 - 1892
Material and Medium: Linen, organic material
Dimensions: Length 422mm, max width 133mm, min width 47 mm
Place Object Found: Egypt
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: J31.5.78.18
This is a pseudo mummy of an ibis. Ancient Egyptians believed that many animals were representatives of certain gods. Cats were associated with the goddess Bastet. Ibis birds were sacred and the god Thoth was often depicted as an ibis or a man with an ibis head. People mummified these animals as offerings to the gods at temples.

A CT scan of this mummy showed some bones and feathers inside but not a whole bird. People believed that as long as there were some actual animal parts in the mummy it was an acceptable offering to the gods.
Display Location: Weston Park Museum

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