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Date Made/Found: 1570 BC-395 AD
Material and Medium: Copper alloy, silver
Dimensions: Width 180mm; length with tang 200mm; length of tang 40mm; thickness of mirror 2mm
Place Object Found: Egypt
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: J1939.69
This is an ancient Egyptian mirror. It is made of bronze and has traces of silvering. It originally fitted into a handle. Although it would have been highly polished, the image reflected back would not have been like mirrors today. The effect was more like the reflection from the back of a spoon. In ancient Egypt, men, women and children all wore make-up. They bathed regularly and applied perfume as deodorant. Women sometimes put on lipstick and blusher.

The mirror was collected by Sir Robert Mond (1867-1938), who was a British chemist, archaeologist and president of the Egypt Exploration Society. He bequeathed his collection to the British Museum which then distributed some of it to other museums, including Sheffield City Museum.
Display Location: Weston Park Museum

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