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Textile, Shroud
Date Made/Found: 1069-664 BC
Donor: Presented by Sheffield Literary and Philosophical Society , 1822 - 1932
Material and Medium: Linen
Dimensions: Length 815mm, width 80mm
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: J329
This long strip of linen would have been used during the ancient Egyptian funerary custom of mummification. The body of the deceased was first embalmed. The internal organs were removed and the body preserved. Cloths like this were then wrapped around the body from head to toe.

This cloth has been inscribed with a chapter from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. It is written in hieratic script which is read from right to left. Hieratic script was used at the same time as hieroglyphs. Unlike hieroglyphs, it is not based on pictures which give it the advantage of being able to be written quickly.
Display Location: In Store
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