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Date Made/Found: 664-30 BC
Collector: Collected by Sheffield Literary and Philosophical Society , 1822 - 1932
Material and Medium: linen, cartonage, paint
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: J321
Piece of cartonage mummy cover from Thebes, Egypt. It is divided into eight sections depicting various parts of the funeral ritual.

The first scene (from top) has the Djed column flanked by the uraeus snake with the hawk and human headed Sons of Horus. Osiris is seated behind these and is worshipped by a king.

The second scene shows Anubis embalming the deceased on a lion-headed bier with crowned hawks to either side with wings outstretched. Behind these are Isis and Nepthys and two male figures.

The third scene shows two figures of Osiris, with jackal- and baboon- headed Sons of Horus standing in front of him. Behind these are two kings and goddesses with the Eye of Horus.

The fourth scene shows rows of mourners with arms raised.

In the fifth scene, Osiris is in barque with Isis and Nepthys, and the Eye of Horus.

The sixth scene shows two kneeling kings making offerings.

The seventh scene shows four Hathor-headed sistrums and the last scene shows two uraeus snakes.
Display Location: In Store
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