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Iron and bone object from Winster.
Some of the finds from Winster including pot, iron and bone object, and ring.
Unidentified object, ferrule
Date Made/Found: 800 BC-42 AD
Previous owner: Previously owned by Thomas Bateman , British, 1821 - 1861
Material and Medium: Bone and iron
Dimensions: Length 13.3cm 133x35x21
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: J93.1174
This odd looking object was found at Winster. It is a curved, square sectioned iron bar, with a bone ring fixed a short distance from one end. The bone ring is in poor condition but some fragments of smoothed surface remain. It is probably the ferrule or collar for a handle. The recess around its inner edge facing the short end of the bar suggests the handle fitted on this side. The handle was probably made of wood which has decayed. The longer, blade end of the bar is broken at the end. The Winster burial site was in a garden at the eastern end of the town of Winster in the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire. Two burials were placed here in the Iron Age. Iron Age burials are very unusual in this area. There was no burial mound. People in the Peak may not have been buried under barrows in the Iron Age. This would make burials from this period very hard to find, and therefore rare.
Display Location: Weston Park Museum

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