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One of the three pots from Hay Top.
Food Vessel
Date Made/Found: 2500-900 BC
Previous owner: Previously owned by Thomas Bateman , British, 1821 - 1861
Material and Medium: Pottery
Dimensions: Height 10.5cm, rim diameter 15.8cm, base diameter 7cm
Place Object Found: Derbyshire
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: J93.782
Bronze Age Food vessel from Hay Top barrow, Derbyshire. This pot is highly decorated on the sides and rim. Most of the decoration is zigzag lines, usually called herringbone decoration. Some of these are made with twisted cord. The shape of the cord can be seen. Some of the lines are made with points made of bone or wood. Bronze Age potters liked to decorate their pots. The patterns used in decoration may have other meanings. They may indicate the work of a particular potter or symbolise a particular community or family. Archaeologists do not know if Food vessels were used in the home. They could have been made specifically for burials. This may be why they are so decorated. Thomas Bateman excavated Hay Top barrow and found this vessel, along with lots of other objects, in 1851.
Display Location: Weston Park Museum

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