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Hair ring
Date Made/Found: 1550-1069 BC
Collector: Collected by Reverend Greville John Chester , British, 1830 - 1892
Donor: Reverend Greville John Chester , British, 1830 - 1892
Material and Medium: Ceramic
Dimensions: Diameter 22mm; height 11mm
Place Object Found: Egypt
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: J21.6.76.69
This is an Ancient Egyptian hair ring. Wealthy Egyptian men and women shaved their heads or cut their hair short and wore wigs. This was because of the hot climate and to avoid having head lice. The wigs were made of human hair, woven together and glued with resin and beeswax. Sometimes they were decorated with hair rings which were held in place with plaits. An elaborately decorated wig showed a person had high status in society.
Display Location: Weston Park Museum

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