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Sherd, mortarium, tile
Date Made/Found: 3500 BC-1850 AD
Excavator: John Percy Heathcote , 1904 - (?)1981
Vendor: John Percy Heathcote , 1904 - (?)1981
Excavator: Joseph Clee Heathcote , 1874 - 1952
Material and Medium: Pottery, tile
Department: Archaeology
Accession Number: 1981.1494b
Sherds of pottery from Robin Hood's Stride in Derbyshire. Some of the sherds have been reconstructed to produce the Romano-British grey-ware vessel pictured. There are also sherds of other vessels from the Neolithic, Bronze Age, Romano-British and Medieval periods. The site is a late Iron Age to Romano-British settlement and was excavated by J.Percy Heathcote and J.Clee Heathcote in 1938. These sherds show us that there was a lot of activity in this area both before and after this settlement existed.
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