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Vendor: Alderman William Bragge F.S.A. , 1823-1884
Place Object Found: Brazil
Department: Earth Sciences
Accession Number: H19.5.77.15
Glyptodon was a car sized, armadillo-like animal which lived in South America from 5 million to 12000 years ago. They were herbivorous Mammals, and, as this specimen shows, had incredibly robust, ridged teeth, which they used to grind up any low growing plant they could find. This specimen was sold to the Museum by William Bragge, who worked in Rio de Janeiro during the 1850s. Although our recorded information says only that the specimen is from Brazil, it is likely to be from Rio, and was probably found during the building of the Estrada de Ferro Mauá (Mauá Railway) which Bragge helped to design.
Display Location: In Store
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