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Hennedya crispa
Previous owner: Mrs Margaret Gatty , British, 1809 - 1873
Donor: Miss Margaret Alice Meyler , 1863-1962
Previous owner: Mrs Horatia Katharine Frances Eden , British, 1846 - 1945
Previous owner: Miss Catherine Cutler , 1785 - 1866
Previous owner: Dr William Henry Harvey , Irish, 1811 - 1866
Place Object Found: Freemantle
Department: Natural History
Accession Number: 2014.71.171
The specimens within this folio of pressed plants were collated by the Algologist, William Henry Harvey, whilst working in Australia. Harvey is considered to be the Father of Australian phycology (the study of algae). These specimens are amongst the first Australian seaweeds ever studied.

This folio was purchased at some point around 1860 by Devonshire based Algologist, Catherine Cutler. Cutler entered an agreement with Ecclesfield's seaweed expert, Margaret Gatty; whoever outlived the other would inherit the collections of the deceased. Margaret outlived Cutler by 7 years, after which the collection was passed to Margaret's daughter, Horatia. Horatia bequeathed the collection to Weston Park Museum.

This specimen has been annotated by Harvey as Nov. Gen. This means that it was a newly discovered species. It is likely that this specimen is a Type; one of the first examples of this species ever found.
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