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Image courtesy of Roy Starkie
Baryte, ?Pyrolusite?
Previous owner: Thomas Bateman , British, 1821 - 1861
Vendor: Thomas William Bateman , 1852 - 1895
Dimensions: 105x60x60
Place Object Found: Middleton-by-Youlgrave
Department: Earth Sciences
Accession Number: I93.36
This black specimen of the mineral, Baryte (BaSO4) is unusual. Derbyshire Baryte is generally white, pink or occasionally brown. In this instance, small quantities of Manganese Oxide have been absorbed into the crystal matrix, giving it its unusual colouration. The specimen is geologically interesting, as Baryte deposits in Derbyshire are known to have formed far earlier than the Manganese containing minerals. This means that at some point in the last five million years, a geological event must have redistributed the mineral deposits around Middleton-by-Youlgrave, causing the Baryte to mix with quantities of Manganese.
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