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Ursus maritimus
Common Name: Polar Bear
Date Made/Found: Spring 1947
Collector: Captain Koran
Previous owner: Edinburgh Zoo , founded 1909
Dimensions: Size when on display: 1700 × 900 × 800mm (66 15/16 × 35 7/16 × 31 1/2in.)
Place Object Found: Hudson Bay
Department: Natural History
Accession Number: 2019.15
A polar bear has been displayed at Weston Park Museum since the early 20th century. The first was obtained from the Albert Institute in Dundee (now the McManus Galleries) in 1904. The museum held a competition for children to name the bear and Snowy was selected as the winning entry. In 1985, after 80 years of continuous display, Snowy was in very poor condition, the decision was made to remove her from display.

Following a public outcry at the loss of their beloved polar bear, the museum obtained funds to purchase a new specimen. A bear from Edinburgh zoo, which had died of old age in 1976, was obtained and subsequently modelled. This bear was originally known as Queenie, but in 2006, to celebrate the opening of the newly refurbished Weston Park Museum, another competition was held to rename the bear. Coincedentally, even though the competitions were held over 100 years apart, school children chose to name the new bear Snowy.
Display Location: Weston Park Museum

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