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kimono, sash, obi, costume
Date Made/Found: 1968
Material and Medium: silk, thread
Dimensions: Overall: 1430 x 5 x 1400mm (56 5/16 x 3/16 x 55 1/8in.) - kimono extended Overall: 140 x 2120mm (5 1/2 x 83 7/16in.) - sash
Place Object Found: Japan
Accession Number: WC413
White coloured silk kimono with gold and green embroidery of flowers (possibly cherry blossoms) and peacock on reverse. It comes with gold coloured piece of cloth for obi and sash with tassles.
Due to its unusual motif of peacock, tassels on sleeves and garment lacking in heavily padded hem (too short for an outer-kimono), it has been suggested that this was a wedding kimono that has been altered for a westerner (not worn by Japanese woman) or was made for a western customer in the first place.
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