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knife, sheath
Date Made/Found: Around 1835
Collector: Collected by 2nd Baron of Wharncliffe John Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie , 1801 - 1855
Maker: Knife made by Joseph Elliot and Sons (Ltd)
Material and Medium: plant fibre, metal, hide, porcupine quills
Dimensions: Overall: 294.6mm (11 5/8in.) - knife (made in Sheffield) Overall: 85 x 238.8mm (3 3/8 x 9 3/8in.) - sheath Overall: 85 x 390mm (3 3/8 x 15 3/8in.) - knife in sheath
Place Object Found: North America
Accession Number: J1901.113
Knife made of butcher's blade with a straight back and the front edge curves to a point. Blade is marked "*L" and manufactured in Sheffield. Knife's sheath is made of deer skin by the Native Americans (Sioux people). Along the top of one side, there is a band of stained porcupine quills in white, black, yellow, red and blue, with a fringe of pieces of tin (sound of bells ringing when move). There is also a small piece of loose fragment from the knife. Knife and sheath would have been carried under the belt. The museum records attribute the maker as Sheffield firm Joseph Elliot who had businesses all over America and Europe. However the L mark on the blade would suggest it was actually made by Lockwood Brothers on Arundel Street. It was sold to Sioux people who made a hide sheath for it. It was then brought back to Sheffield by a local collector the 2nd Baron of Wharncliffe.
Display Location: AH2

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