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Date Made/Found: 1820-1829
Collector: Collected by George Bennet , 1775 - 1841
Donor: Presented by Sheffield Literary and Philosophical Society , 1822 - 1932
Material and Medium: tamanu, wood
Dimensions: Overall: 144 x 110 x 955mm (5 11/16 x 4 5/16 x 37 5/8in.)
Place Object Found: Raivavae
Accession Number: J133
Ceremonial paddle made of tamanu wood and is decorated all over with carved lozenge pattern on front and back. Blade is leaf shaped and has a ridge on the back. Paddle expands at the handle to a ring of small carved faces around the tip and a band of carved rings below. This paddle was collected by George Bennet (1775-1841) who travelled around the Pacific Islands, China, India and Africa as part of the London Missionary Society’s work. It was presented to the museum in 1875 by the Sheffield Literary and Philosophical Society (founded 1822). Label on object reads "ROYAL CANOE PADDLE, From Raivavraia, South Seas. Presented by G. Bennet".
Display Location: In Store
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