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Date Made/Found: 1914
Dimensions: Overall: 86 × 139mm
Department: Social History
Accession Number: 1978.50f
This postcard was drawn and sent by Alfred Roberts to a friend in Sheffield during the First World War. Alfred was a member of the 3rd West Riding Field Ambulance, which was part of the Royal Army Medical Corps. He and several other members of their unit produced a trench journal called the "The Leadswinger"- the manuscripts for this are held at Sheffield Archives. The journal was full of black humour about the war and Alfred drew many of the illustrations. This postcard shows a man having hat blown off in surprise, and is explained on the back with the message "I certainly was surprised at being called up so suddenly, I should have called to see you if it had been possible. However I suppose it has all been explained. I am getting on fine + you wouldn't know me now especially as I've had a Wakefield". "Having a Wakefield" was slang for having your hair shaved off and is a reference to Wakefield prison.
Display Location: In Store
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