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Date Made/Found: 1837-1850
Associated with: Miss Mariann Cox , born 1829
Dimensions: Overall: 414 x 340mm
Department: Social History
Accession Number: X1970.4
Mariann Cox made this sampler in 1838 when she was 9 years old. The verse embroidered on the sampler is taken from a hymn which often appears in Sunday School hymn books. It reads: 'What sorrows may my steps attend/I cannot now foretell/But if the Lord will be my friend /I know that all is well/If all my earthly friends should die/And leave me mourning here/Since God regards the orphan's cry/O what have I to fear'.

Beneath the verse Mariann has embroidered a fruit-bearing tree, perhaps taken from popular sampler designs of the tree of knowledge. Two birds have been embroidered next to the tree and two squirells are depicted at its base. On either side of the tree is a basket of fruit with two birds perched on top. Again, these designs were probably copied from a book or another sampler.
Display Location: In Store
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