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Date Made/Found: 1824
Dimensions: Overall: 340 x 395 x 15mm
Department: Social History
Accession Number: 1974.967
An oval border of pink berries and delicate green leaves on a gold stem borders the central inscription on this sampler, embroidered by Mary Ann Bradshaw in 1824. In the top third of the sampler Mary Ann has embroidered the alphabet and numbers. A small 'wave' border separates this top section of the sampler from the central panel, on which is embroidered a verse from 'The Mother's Fables', by E. L. Aveline (1818).

The verse reads: 'How beautiful is truth! and truth is given/ To guide all hearts because it comes from heaven:/ The simple lesson of thy earliest youth,/ Was to love God! and know that God is truth!/ And he requires it in our inmost part,/ Not on our lips alone, but in the heart./ O! let the love of truth pervade your soul,/ And ev'ry word and action still control:/ Though wit the liars language may adorn,/ Yet from the book of life his name is torn.
Display Location: Weston Park Museum

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