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Date Made/Found: 1839-1860
Maker: Elizabeth Dungworth , born 1829
Dimensions: Overall: 416 x 400mm
Department: Social History
Accession Number: 1984.370
Elizabeth has embroidered the alphabet at the top of her sampler. The alphabet first appeared on samplers during the Stuart period, when it was used for educational purposes. The alphabet remained popular until the nineteenth-century, when the rows were often separated by elaborate borders. Elizabeth has embroidered a popular verse underneath, considered by some to have been composed by the popular eighteenth-century hymn-writer John Newton.

The verse reads: 'Jesus permit thy gracious name to/stand As the first effort of an infants/hand and while my fingers o'er the/canvas move Engage my tender/heart to seek thy love With thy dear/children ither share a part and write/thy Laws thyself upon her heart'. At the centre of the sampler Elizabeth has embroidered a flowering shrub in a pot. This was a common motif used by nineteenth century samplers and Elizabeth would probably have copied the design from a book or from another sampler.
Display Location: Weston Park Museum

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