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Date Made/Found: 1831
Maker: Ann Memmott
Dimensions: Overall: 558 x 515mm
Department: Social History
Accession Number: J1956.75
Ann Memmott made this sampler in 1831 at the age of thirteen. The verse embroidered at the top of the sampler was taken from a popular nineteenth-century hymn, attributed to Mary Masters and John Rippon. It reads: 'Tis religion that can give/Sweetest pleasures while we live/Tis religion must supply/Solid comfort when we die/After death its joys will be/Lasting as Eternity/If the Saviour be my friend/Then my joy shall never end.'

At the bottom of the sampler, beneath a picture of Sheffield Infirmary, Ann has embroidered the words 'SHEFFIELD INFIRMARY/Ann Memmott 13 Years of age.' Three sheep are pictured grazing on the grass in front of the infirmary, with a shepherd and shepherdess on either side. Ann has also decorated her sampler with motifs that are typical of nineteenth-century samplers, including trees, flowers, birds, butterflies and crosses.
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